Smile Test

Thanks to TV shows like Extreme Makeover, Swan, and others, the public views their faces in a whole new light.

Now everyone knows what a beautiful smile can do for your appearance. And these pictures showcase just a few of our patient's new smiles.

    • Are your teeth dull, yellowed, or stained?
    • Are there any spaces between your teeth that bother you?
    • Do you show too much gum when you smile?
    • Are your gums higher or lower on some teeth?
    • Are your teeth misshaped?
    • Are the edges of your teeth worn?
    • Are you missing any teeth in your smile?
    • Do you have any dark fillings showing through your teeth?
    • Do you have any crowned teeth that do not match?
    • Are your gums receding?

Okay; now you have made your decission. Be it good or bad we can still help! If you don't like what you see we can set up a program of treatment to give you the smile of your dreams. If you like your smile just the way it is we can provide a maintenance schedule to keep you looking at your very best.